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Mag. Jörg Ehtreiber


Salon Stolz | Experience music and dance #forall

KIMUS Kindermuseum Graz GmbH was commissioned by the City of Graz with the overall project responsibility for the conception, construction and subsequent operation of a house for Robert Stolz. The City of Graz identified the “Robert Stolz Senior Citizens’ Residence” in Theodor-Körner-Straße as a suitable location for this project that would connect the generations. The architecture of the building was designed by Andreas Salfellner (architektursalon).

Salon Stolz is a very special place for a very special person from Graz – the passionate conductor and composer Robert Stolz. The result is an inclusive and barrier-free meeting place #forall.

The KIMUS Kindermuseum GmbH has brought Robert Stolz and his extensive work into the present and thus makes him known to the important target group of children and families. The Salon Stolz encourages people to discover the pride – the creative part – in themselves. All people are invited to venture on a journey of time and discovery at Salon Stolz. Salon Stolz offers many sensual experiences. It invites you to try things out and join in.

The new house is unconventional, surprising and interactive. In Salon Stolz, you can not only listen to music, but also encounter it in different surprising ways.