On the trail of the clock!

Time is constantly present everywhere, you cannot escape it, it is full of adventures and possibilities!
Time, what is that actually? Can it be measured, can it be felt, can it be explained? What does it do with us? And what do we make of it? Time is as varied as life itself; it can be found in the most diverse of places.
You can discover time in the exhibition!

An exhibition of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim and the Graz Children‘s Museum FRida & freD, facilitated by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.


  • Spatial requirements and setup Options:
    • In order to show the exhibition in its entirety, approximately 600 m² of exhibition space is required.
    • Adaptable to different spatial conditions.
  • The minimum loan period is 4 months!
  • Technical requirements:
    • Internet connection and sufficient power supply required.
    • Highest architectural element: 330 cm
    • All built elements are free-standing and do not require any assembly on the architecture to be used.
    • A door passage height of at least 205 cm is required for the introduction of the stations.
  • Prices on request.

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Mag.a Mirjam Schöberl

Mag.a Mirjam Schöberl

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