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Mag. Jörg Ehtreiber


Graz Innovation Park – Science Centre feasibility study

The feasibility study for the Puchstraße Innovation Park was based on investigating the potential of the entire site with regard to the development of a Science Park, including a central Science Centre.

Many aspects were considered here: from the establishment of a centre for historic motor vehicles (focus on vintage cars / Puch) in the Hall P, which is protected as a historic landmark, to potential synergies with local firms or different partners from the fields of science, art and culture.

In cooperation and coordination with the Federation of Austrian Industries, a content structure was developed for the study, which essentially breaks down into three major areas. Based on the general objectives and specifications of a Science Centre for the Greater Graz area, the second part of the study refers to the Puchstraße site. Here the focus is on the advantages of a Science Centre for the Puchstraße Innovation Park site and the local firms that currently operate there.

The infrastructure, accessibility and target groups were also studied. What are the resulting synergies in Graz and in the region? What would the expanded offering in the open area around a Science Centre look like?

In the third part of the study, (computational) models and possibilities for establishing and operating a Science Centre were described.

In addition, a database was created of the corporate profiles of all firms local to the site and numerous potential partner firms from industry.