• Prof. Lorenz Maierhofer

  • Gemeinde Kirchberg an der Raab

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Mag. Jörg Ehtreiber


Feasibility study: ‚The World of Voices at Kirchberg an der Raab’

The municipality of Kirchberg an der Raab has commissioned KIMUS Kindermuseum Graz GmbH to carry out a feasibility study for the establishment of ‘The World of Voices ‘in Kirchberg an der Raab.

The content idea and conception were created by Professor Lorenz Maierhofer, an internationally recognized musician and composer who is also dedicated to contribute his high-profile, knowledge, energy and international network to ‘The World of Voices’.

In addition to a brief analysis of the content draft, the spatial concept was assessed in terms of its support of the content and overall objectives of  ‘The World of Voices’ in Kirchberg an der Raab. An inventory (history and special structure of the locality, the person Lorenz Maierhofer, target groups) and a stakeholder analysis (tourism, economic environment, schools and educational institutions, cultural landscape and initiatives, infrastructure …) serve as the basis for an assessment of the potential of the project, and possible synergies for the locality and the region.

Regarding to the feasibility, the available and required resources were examined along with relevant political and economic factors. The study is completed by an assessment of the business aspects related to the construction costs – Markus Enzinger from Universalmuseum Joanneum was consulted for expertise, analysis and a preview of the expected costs for operations.

This feasibility study aims to provide political representatives with concrete indicators and references for decision-making. It offers orientation regarding the requirements and objectives of the project, a specialist assessment of the content and the potential of the concept, and provides expertise regarding construction and operating costs for the different implementation options of the project.