Ready, steady, go! – the history of sport and technology

Opening: 26.03.2021
Duration: 27.3.2021 – 21.11.2021 – shown within the framework of “LET´S GO GRAZ 2021“, the sporting year of the city of Graz, in collaboration with CoSA – Centre of Science Activities.

An exhibition by the TECHNOSEUM Mannheim which has been adapted architecturally and creatively and with regard to content for Graz and implemented by the Graz Children’s Museum FRida & freD for the CoSA – Centre of Science Activities.

The large-scale special exhibition “Ready, steady, go! The history of sport and technology” focuses on the interrelationships between sport, culture and technology in six areas with around 190 exhibits:

  1. Sports conquers the world
  2. Athletic bodies
  3. From the stadium to the living room
  4. Competing technology
  5. Faster, further, more precise
  6. Trending sports and sporting trends

The comprehensive exhibition looks at, among others, topics such as sports equipment and materials, performance measurement and standardisation of competitions as well as working-class sports and disabled sports.

Seven entertaining and interactive participatory stations have been developed by the hands-on experts at Graz Children’s Museum FRida & freD and these stations are fun and challenging:

Already in the outdoor area of the Joanneum quarter, visitors can prepare themselves for doing some physical exercise themselves in the exhibition: They can race against one another and immortalise the finish in their own finishing line photo. In the foyer of the Joanneum quarter, visitors photograph themselves again but this time in a historic setting, in vintage winter sports clothing and with winter sports equipment from the olden days. They really work up a sweat when they compete against one another in the handbike competition. In a sports stadium, visitors slip into the role of sports commentators and convey highlights of Austrian sport to both the sighted and the blind or visually impaired audience. As sport also requires top mental performances, visitors train their ability to focus and relax through participation in the mindball game. Ultimately, they can apply themselves to the trending sport of finger sports, can train with finger snowboards on the winter course and with finger skateboards in a summer landscape, and film themselves in the process.

In addition, the topics of digital fitness are presented for visitors to try out and sporting innovations from Styria are showcased within the framework of the exhibition.