FUNERGY LAB in the Gemini Building in Weiz

The Gemini Building in Weiz was built in 2001 as a plus-energy building. This means that it produces more energy than it uses and it is also called a “solar residential power plant”. The building turns with the sun, facilitating active and passive usage of solar energy. For some years now, the building has not been lived in and is seldom used. That is why the municipal community of Weiz commissioned the Graz Children’s Museum with developing and implementing a new, innovative science centre called “Funergy Lab”. A venue has been created with indoor and outdoor experiments on the topic of energy. The project implemented combines the plus-energy building Gemini Building with the “Funergy Lab“, the learning and energy playground “Funergy Park” and the energy exhibition street, the “Energieschaustraße”. MINT topics become experiences for children and young people as well as their families in experiments and workshops. The focus is on lifelong learning as well as sustainable and energy-conscious behaviour.