Mag.a Bettina Deutsch-Dabernig

Head of Exhibitions & Deputy Director

Mag.a Nikola Köhler-Kroath

Head of Learning

Schlau ticken

Your interactive book on the subject of time

Can you see or hear the time? Why are turtles living calendars? Is it possible to save or give away time?

Explore the concept of time by going on a scavenger hunt with this participatory non-fiction book. Easy-to-understand texts convey the complex phenomenon, and all dimensions of time are entertainingly introduced. Creative and varied join-in activities encourage children to experiment. By carrying out these activities, children themselves find answers to their questions. Working with the book changes the book – children can write, draw and paint, glue, cut out and much more in it. In the end, it becomes a testimony of time itself. As individual as the answers to the question “What is time?” are the copies of this book edited by the children.

In cooperation with the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum Mannheim.

Science book of the year 2021 – Longlist

Bettina Deutsch-Dabernig, Nikola Köhler-Kroath, Gaelle Rosendahl: Schlau ticken. Your participatory book on the subject of time. With illustrations in colour by Tina Defaux. 200 pages. Munich: Dorling Kindersley publishing house 2020: interactive non-fiction book. Ages 8 and up. ISBN 978-3-8310-4067-4, published by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.

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