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Mag. Jörg Ehtreiber


Gölles Manufactory

Conception and redesign of the experiential world on the subject of Schnapps and vinegar at the Gölles Manufactory.

The Gölles Manufactory was planning a fundamental remodelling/expansion of its visitor activities. To this end, a new building was created and equipped in a visitor-oriented manner. The Children’s Museum was commissioned to redesign and enhance the attractiveness of the visitor offering.

Using a contemporary concept rich in variety, the visit to the experiential world of Schnapps and vinegar became a unique sensory experience.
Based on an analysis of the company’s history, the local situation, the products, an examination of the texts, images and films used to date, a review of the current staging, and the reflections of the previous core visitors group, a new concept was developed and Gölles was “reinvented”.

The ground floor looks classically informative. The upper floor, however, more powerfully addresses the target group of families and individual visitors.

Embedded in a “crazy” tree structure that accentuates the product, on two levels the visitors discover information on fruits, products and production processes, as well as a fantastic fruit “Wundergarten” that speaks to all their senses. The two levels overlap, with clear lines of sight between the levels. One element that connects both levels are the roots, which extend from the ceiling to the ground floor.
This concept was embraced by the Gölles Manufactory and implemented in a modified form.